Long Term Rentals in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca

Long term rentals in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca are in great demand. Furthermore, they are in great demand across the Balearic Islands. It is important to begin your search in plenty of time.  This will increase your chance of finding the ideal home.  Budgets are important.  A large number of people live in long term rentals in Mallorca.  Due to the seasonal nature of our Island long term rentals tend to become available during November and February.  Puerto Pollensa is a fantastic place to make your home.  It may be that you want a long term rental whilst you search for a property to buy.  Maybe you are in the process of a a major reform completed on your own home.  Long term rentals are usually for 12 months however can be for less in both parties agree.

Parasol Property Mallorca is a specialist in long term rentals in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca.  We provide a clear and professional service to both tenants and owners.

Prices of properties are high as demand is high.  Apartments, townhouse, chalet, villa with swimming pool.  All these type of properties are available for long term property rentals in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca.

Long term property rentals in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca are an ideal stepping stone prior to purchasing a property in Puerto Pollensa.  Maybe it will allow you to have immediate viewings of your dream property.  Ideal chance to test the water before jumping!  Many local families live in rented accomodation.


Long term property rentals in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca are protected by a law called LAU.  It offers protection to the tenant.  Assuring you of a home for up to a maximum of 3 years once an initial annual contract is signed.  The monthly rent can only vary according to the IPC (cost of living) during that time.  All contracts prepared by Parasol Property Mallorca are official and governed by the LAU.

You will pay a minimum one month security deposit (fianza).  This is due at the moment of signing a contract.  The money is deposited in a government bank account by the owner. (IBAVI)  At the time of signing you will also pay the agency fee where appropriate.  This is usually equivalent to one month rental (plus iva).

Additionally, you will pay property running costs.  These include electric, water and annual rubbish.  It is important to be clear what is included in the monthly rental.  Similarly, to understand what your obligations are and likewise that of the owner during the rental period. Rents are normally paid during the 1st and 5th of each month.


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*Villa with pool for annual rent in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca

*Apartment for annual rent

*Legally binding contract

*Property Finder service

*6 month summer rentals (workers)