Monday, 23rd March 2020 Are you prepared for your holiday rental property inspection in Mallorca? Owners guidelines

Are you prepared for your holiday rental property inspection in Mallorca? Owners guidelines

Do you own a rental property in Mallorca?  Maybe you recently received your tourist license? If so, expect to receive a holiday rental property inspection shortly.  I have successfully applied for many tourist licenses over the last 18 months.  (

tourist license inspections
What do you need to do before the Inspector arrives

My experience is that the Balearic Tourist Board offer a few days notice of the inspections.  You will receive notification of the appointment by phone or email.  However, their regulations do state that they may carry out inspections without prior warning.  You (or your clients) should not refuse them access to your property. They all carry photo ID cards.

In compliance with article 23 of Ley 8/2012 an Inspector can order the immediate suspension of activity should they discover great differences or illegalities during their inspection.  They may even forward any illegalities to other government authorities if applicable.  Should your holiday rental property inspection fail on minor issues you have 10 days to rectify the situation.

First of all, obtain a copy of the anexo 3 that was presented with the DRIAT.  This document has a list of `essentials´on the left hand column. On the right hand column points are awarded for facilities.  Check the document against the reality in your property.  It is essential they match.  Here you can view the document.

Parasol Property Mallorca holiday rentals tourist license anexo

Your property should offer the visitor the same comfort as you expect when you check in at a hotel. Quality furniture and equipment in perfect working order are essential.   Excellent maintenance and cleanliness are also of the utmost importance.  As an owner of a holiday rental property in Mallorca you have a huge responsability.  Mallorca strives towards quality tourism.

Holiday accomodation requirements according to the tourist inspector list

Let me explain the most important points prior to your holiday rental property inspection. Some of these demands seem to only appear on the Inspectors list but are valid nonetheless!

It is essential that the correct plaque is positioned alongside the front door.  They are a regulation size and colour as shown below. The plaque displays the license number.  Furthermore, the commercial name must be clearly visible on a different sign.

Tourist license plaque in Mallorca
Regulations of the tourist license plaque

Property Information book to be prepared in 3 languages and must include the 24hr emergency number. White goods instructions and location of electric and water turn off switches are also essential information.

Fire Extinguisher of general use.  If your property is over 100m2 an additional CO2 2kg extinguisher is necessary. It should be fixed below the electric box.

A first aid kit in addition to an emergency torch and/or candles are to be provided.

No less than 4 recycling bins as per the Balearic Islands rubbish recycling system.  Paper, Glass, Plastics and general waste or organic (varies in villages)

holiday rental property inspection
Recycling in Mallorca

Each wardrobe needs a minimum of 15 hangers however they should not be made of metal.  Hangers should be wooden or if not plastic.

In each bathroom ensure that taps and shower heads are cal free and as new.  Do not foget a bin with a lid along with one full length mirror in the bedroom or hallway if you prefer.  All mattresses and pillows require zip up protectors.  Naturally an adequate supply of quality linen and towels.

Any locked room or cupboard has to display a PRIVATE sign.  Beware, the inspector will wish to see inside.

Finally, official complaint forms (hojas de quejas y reclamaciones) must be readily available to your clients.  Include a clearly displayed explanation in Catalan, Castellano, French, English and German. The originals have 3 sheets, white, pink and yellow.  Instructions in above languages explaining how to complete and present the form to be included.

Noteworthy is that they will bring to your holiday rental property inspection copies of adverts.  These are printed from a variety of websites.  The Inspector will have previously studied the information in detail.  Of particular interest is ensuring the number of tourist places is not exceeded. Naturally the correct commercial name and license number must be clearly displayed.

Should you require additional information or assistance applying for your license or marketing your property then connect today. I will be delighted to help.

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